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What Is Research?

Research is a step by step process that involves collecting and examining information. We do research to improve our knowledge and understanding about the world we live in. It almost always involves finding out something new.

For further information about research, please visit the National Institute for Health Research website.

Researchers are the people who carry out research. They can be all different sorts of people including, scientists, doctors, nurses, psychologists, students and epidemiologists. Epidemiologists are population researchers who, among other things work out the statistics you often see in the news.

What Do We Do?

The East Leicester Medical Practice is actively involved in various studies. We have a dedicated research office that coordinates the day to day running of the studies. The department welcomes various types of studies from specialists/medical professionals who wish to do research in a wide range of medical fields.


The practice will become research active, which allows us to recruit patients from the practice database into these studies.

We are able to recognise studies that have been developed and have had positive outcomes.

We are helping medical science to develop further into the future by being involved with ongoing studies.

Patient Involvement

We currently have a communication board which lists details of current studies.

Patients may be asked to participate in a particular study from time to time, all patients have the right to say no and this will by no means affect the level of care you receive from us.

All patients are required to complete a patient consent form before any trials can take place.



Do you have Chronic Pain? The WITHIN Study wants to hear from you.

The WITHIN Study is funded by the Medical Research Council and is investigating to what extent mental defeat explains variations in pain severity, distress, and disability in the long term in patients with chronic pain.

If you are interested in taking part in the online questionnaire, complete our screening questionnaire to see if you are eligible.

You will not be reimbursed for the screening questionnaire, however, if you are eligible and complete the main questionnaire you will receive a £5 Amazon voucher per time-point.

The questionnaire will be repeated 3 times over the course of 1-year (maximum £15 per person for all 3 time-points).

Longitudinal Sleep-Tracking Study

We are also advertising our new 100% remote access Longitudinal Sleep-Tracking Study.

As part of the Sleep Tracking Study, which aligns with each of the questionnaire time points, you will get the opportunity to wear an ActiWatch for a 7-day tracking period, receive a personalised breakdown of your sleep and receive a £10 Amazon voucher.

Please note, in order to participate in the Sleep-Tracking Study, you must have completed our main questionnaire first. You can register your interest in our Sleep Tracking Study at the end of the screening questionnaire if this is of interest to you.

If you have any other questions, please get in touch.

You can email us at: withinstudy@warwick.ac.uk or call us on: 07385600421.

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